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Portraits and Your Investment

Portraits are a mainstay of Filarsky Brown Art Studio!  There is no such thing as one type of portrait! What you will invest in a portrait by Theresa depends on the size, the medium  and the number of subjects in the portrait. 

·Small pastels (9 x 12") of one subject start at $145.00 and increase in both size and price if more subjects are added!  Pastels can range up to $2500.

·Small Oils (9 x 12)  start at $195.00 and can range up to $4500.00

Please contact Theresa for a quote for what you would like to do for your portrait. All forms of payment are accepted! 


Fiber Art

There is a separate website for the very popular Fiber Art that Theresa creates!

Visit it at

S Filarsky Paintings 

Steve's paintings have been popular among his many clients and especially the horse world. His specialty is oils but he is proficient in watercolors as well. Visit his other page for his gallery:

Goldleaf Designs

Steve is not only a master craftsman in the art of gold, copper and silver leaf application but one of the few graphic designers who is a master hand letterer! See his designs, about me and additional images at

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