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Fiber Art

The Fiber art in our business is called The Silk Thread and has it's own website but I'll introduce you to it!

This small studio on our farm houses the silk and leather fiber art. On a nice day you can find me outside working on the deck with the more messy procedures. Or I may be outside simply because it's a beautiful day to work outdoors!

I essentially start with a blank slate with silk, wool and leather and through a variety of techniques, create designs on them. Techniques and workshops include block printing, hand painting on silk, indigo vats and so much more including the popular ecoprinting on fabrics and leather.

Ecoprinting is a form of wildcrafting where I use the tannin from the leaves to imprint the leaf designs onto the substrate. I then turn those fabrics and leather into finished, artisan products from my studio!

A few examples are shown in the Gallery.

To see a complete gallery, tutorials, workshop schedules and where I will be, visit Theresa's Fiber Art site,

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Gallery View

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