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Portraits by Theresa

Thank you for stopping by! In this day of digital photography and computer graphics, traditional portraiture is becoming something of a lost art! So I am here to not only create your portraits but to help guide you through what may be unfamiliar territory!

I have been a career Portrait Artist since 1991!  I specializes in all subject matter and work in rich oils, soft pastels, translucent watercolors and bold charcoal! 

As a career artist, I take my portraits very seriously! I create them for you, my client, because I understand the trust you have placed in my reputation and abilities to create not only the likeness of your loved ones but to illuminate the qualities and individuality of those same subjects!  Adults, children and animals have been the mainstay of my profession.
Portraits are a small investment on the very large stage of life. One that becomes, as my clients have shared with me, one of their most emotionally valuable possessions over the years! 

I have created thousands of portraits! A few examples appear in galleries below representing pastels and oils, my two most popular requests. 

Pastel Portrait of Girl

  Gallery 1-Pastels of People

Gallery 2-Horse album
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